Manager’s Page

Not too long ago, I informed owners and residents that abusing the trash chute by throwing construction debris and other heavy or bulky objects down the trash chute will cause damage to the trash compactor.  Well my warning came too late.  The compactor has been damaged.  A hydraulic hose burst yesterday inside the compactor spewing oil all over.  While replacing the hose, we found the bed of the compactor was bent.  This has allowed debris to enter the hydraulic mechanism causing hoses to bind.  Abrasion on the hose by the continual back and forth motion of the compacting ram weakened the hose until it burst.  What bent the bed of the compactor?  Heavy objects falling from the residential floors of the building.

This damage is the result of abuse.  Only kitchen/bathroom garbage is to be thrown down the trash chute because of the health hazard it would otherwise present. Although it should be self evident from our Rules and Regulations, not to mention common sense, I will repeat some guidelines.

  1. No large, heavy containers – glass, metal or otherwise – are to be thrown down the trash chute.  These are to be washed and placed in the recycle bins or, if trash room on your floor is full, be taken  to the outside dumpsters on the east side of the building.  The guards have keys so that you may gain access.
  2. No construction debris, whether do it yourself work or from contractors, is to be thrown down the chute.  Large amounts of construction debris must be removed from the property by your contractor.  Small do-it yourself projects must be removed from site or, if a small quantity of broken down items, it must be taken to the dumpsters.
  3. Other heavy debris such as radios, TV’s, car parts, furniture components must never be thrown down the trash chute.
  4. Although this covers a large range of objects, if you are ever in doubt ask the front desk or office what is the best way to dispose of unwanted articles.

The result of the damage done is that

  1. The compactor will be temporarily fixed, to cover this week end.
  2. Next week, it will be removed and taken to the repair shop to be repaired and reinforced.  Cost unknown at this time.
  3. Valuable maintenance time will be used to collect your garbage.  Please place on the floor in the trash room on your floor.
  4. I hate to say this, but I will discuss with the board how we can better document who is abusing the trash chute/compactor.  I will recommend a $100.00 minimum fine in the event someone is discovered committing the abuse and that they be held responsible for repair of future damage.

The trash chute is both a privilege and a necessity.  We must all use the facility in a responsible manner.

By the way, contractors nor residents are permitted to store equipment, debris, furniture, toilettes or any object in the stairwells.  This is not only a violation of fire code and against the law, but it is dangerous.  In a building evacuation lives will be endangered

Please cooperate in this matter and please control your contractors.


John J Camaioni

Carlton Mgr

Office:  954-563-8418

Fax:       954-563-9438