Community Meeting About A1A

(please note the time change)

The city has set up a community forum to discuss the status of State Road A1A and the beach in the area heavily affected by recent storms and wind.
The meeting will be from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday, Dec. 10, at the Beach Community Center, 3351 NE 33 Avenue. Staff from the government agencies involved will be on hand. All impacted residents and interested stakeholders are encouraged to attend.

Scott Wyman
Commission Assistant
City Commission District 2
100 N. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Carlton Tower “State Of the Condominium”

26 October 2012

It has been some time since the Board has given an up-date to projects completed and the condition of the building, and for this we apologize.  I will attempt to summarize and outline information which you probably already know and try to give a direction to where we are headed over the next months and years.

To read the full letter from Board President Robert Dean, go to Projects & Updates.

Abusing the Trash Chute Means Costly Problems! A Message From Your Building Manager

Not too long ago, I informed owners and residents that abusing the trash chute by throwing construction debris and other heavy or bulky objects down the trash chute will cause damage to the trash compactor.  Well my warning came too late.  The compactor has been damaged.  A hydraulic hose burst yesterday inside the compactor spewing oil all over.  While replacing the hose, we found the bed of the compactor was bent.  This has allowed debris to enter the hydraulic mechanism causing hoses to bind.  Abrasion on the hose by the continual back and forth motion of the compacting ram weakened the hose until it burst.  What bent the bed of the compactor?  Heavy objects falling from the residential floors of the building.

This damage is the result of abuse.  Only kitchen/bathroom garbage is to be thrown down the trash chute because of the health hazard it would otherwise present. Although it should be self evident from our Rules and Regulations, not to mention common sense, I will repeat some guidelines:

Read the guidelines and the rest of the letter on the Manager’s Page.