New Manager for The Carlton Tower

The Carlton Tower is seeking new management.
The goal is to bring on new management in January, 2018.
Florida licensed CAMs or management companies interested in this full-time position should direct their questions to any board member.

Tony Adams
Secretary, Board of Directors

Post-Irma status of Carlton Tower as of September 12, 2017

Dear Owners,

I am writing to you from New York City. My calls to the manager’s office are not being answered, but I have spoken to a member of the Board of Directors who is currently in our building. Based on that conversation, I can give you an update on the current condition of the Carlton Tower post-hurricane Irma.

The backup generator is functioning, but it is not connected to outlets in the hallways. There should be outlets near the doors of units that are connected to the back up generator. This is a change that ought to be made so that people remaining in the Carlton Tower during power outages may be able to recharge phones or access some minimum level of power from the outlets in common areas. I hope the board will be in favor of making this improvement. (This suggestion comes from the board treasurer who is currently at the Carlton Tower.)

The elevators in the building are not working. This presents a serious health and safety issue. Supposedly, the company that maintains our elevators, Shindler, has been contacted. I am not able to verify that and I am not able to tell you when the repairs will be made. I am told that whenever there has been a power surge during and after hurricane Irma, the elevators stop working. This is an unacceptable situation that jeopardizes the health and safety of those residing in the Carlton Tower. I have spoken to our board Treasurer who is currently in the building, asking him to take a phone vote of the board authorizing him to deal directly and immediately with Shindler to get the elevators working as soon as possible, rather then wait in uncertainty about what other actions may have been made by our management company.

I am told that The Carlton Tower seems to be without exterior damage and that there was no flooding in the basement garage. I am told that we lost only one palm tree during the hurricane.

I am told that the sand on Rt A1A at the intersection of East Sunrise has been cleared and that vehicular travel north of Sunrise on A1A has recommenced. I am not sure if traffic onA1A south of Sunrise has recommenced.

If you are currently at the Carlton Tower, please check in on your neighbors who may not use the internet for communication.

Tony Adams
Secretary, Board of Directors